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永安集团到访中阜 共谋合作发展

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On March 26, Chairman of Anshan Yong’an Group Mr. Zhang Young’an and Factory Director Mr. Zhao Xingbo visited Zhongfu Industry. Chairman of Zhongfu Paper Industry Mr. Yang Pingru and General Manager Han Huihong warmly received and welcomed their guests.



Yong’an Group is one of the largest packaging factories in Northeast China. Company has its own paper mill and packaging factory. Its business covers the whole packaging area except plastic materials. This company is an expert in alcohol packaging, and one of the most important suppliers for breweries. Yong’an Group has its own distinct characteristics in the packaging business, and Chairman of the company Mr. Zhang Yong’an is a very prestigious person in the packaging industry.



Zhongfu and Yong’an have already known each other for 17 years, and both sides have been maintaining exchanges and communication. During this visit to Zhongfu Industry, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Zhao expressed strong intention of cooperation. According to Mr. Zhang's words, the feeling that Zhongfu gave him can be expressed with two word - "double shock". First shock: paper furniture. Subordinated by Zhongfu Paper, the Paper π Technology gives a new vitality to the ordinary paper in our daily life. Traditional paper, through the fantastic ideas and exquisite designs, incarnates the colorful and fashionable paper technology; and it can create a beautiful paper art with the help of different combinations and layout. Mr. Zhang admitted that his idea of paper was too limited and he didn’t realize that there was so much space and potential for paper development. Second shock: Supply Chain Finance. Mr. Zhang showed an interest in Zhongfu Jingbao Supply Chain Management Platform and said that “it’s a project with no upper limit for development, which can integrate the resources of the whole country and even the whole world, and has unlimited development space in the future”.



Zhang Yong’an Chairman expressed that during last 17 years of acquaintance with Zhongfu Industry, ZF paper has been continuously maintaining meetings, communication and relation with Yong’an Group. These unflagging efforts are worth admiring. And he hopes they will be able to carry on deep cooperation with Zhongfu Industry.



In the end, both sides reached a series of cooperation intentions. We wish Young’an Group prosperous, developing and stable long-term bilateral cooperation.