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March 23, Liaoning Packaging and Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce held a Symposium on key enterprises in Shenyang city. Representatives of such leading industries as Nine Dragons Paper, Yongan Group, Bandung Packaging, Guohui Packaging and others attended this event. Yang Pingru, Chairman of Zhongfu Paper Industry, and Li Qihang, Director of Northeast office, participated in the meeting as well.



This Symposium mainly analyzed the current development trend of paper packaging industry, its existing problems and solutions; interpreted the policies issued by the central, provincial and municipal authorities in order to help private enterprises in their development process; discussed the cooperation between enterprises and the integration of industry resources. Participants enthusiastically discussed all topics. They unanimously suggested that the Chamber of Commerce should organize more events and regular meetings among enterprises, timely understand the problems encountered by enterprises in their production and operation process, and cope with enterprises difficulties.



At the meeting, Li Qihang, Director of Northeast office, made a key introduction of Zhongfu Jinbao Supply Chain Finance. Many participants are very interested in this kind of projects which can solve practical problems for enterprises, and ready to have a deeper understanding and keep in touch with Zhongfu Paper.




Although the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are facing the "three mountains" problems (market iceberg, financial mountain, transformation volcano), but as long as we work together, share resources, and borrow from each other, we will certainly be able to overcome difficulties, and the future development of the industry will have a hope.