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March 22, Zhongfu Paper Industry accepted an invitation to the 6th Congress of Shaanxi Province Packaging Association. Han Huihong, General Manager of Zhongfu Paper Industry, attended this event as a representative of the enterprise and made a brilliant speech.




The Congress was hosted by Shaanxi Beiren Printing Group, and several influential industries were invited to attend this event as honorable  guests. This meeting mainly included the Shaanxi Packaging Association chairman election and the speech of invited guests.



At the meeting, General Manager Han Huihong gave a detailed introduction about Zhongfu Paper Industry and explained an idea of Zhongfu Jinbao Project. It's a platform provided customers with a certain amount of revolving and pre-approved unsecured online credit in real transactions through bank loan, which used as a payment for goods. Zhongfu Jingbao is a third-party payment platform among enterprises. It provides customers with safe, convenient and low-cost payment solutions. It is an important measure for Zhongfu Paper Industry to serve its customers.



After the meeting, honorable guests had a profound discussion with Han Huihong and they got a deeper understanding of ZF Jinbao business. Moreover, Zhongfu corporate culture was praised and its three treasures - "attitude, bullhead, creation" impressed everyone. In the end, guests exchanged ideas of the industry development.

We wish the Shaanxi Packaging Association, under the leadership of the new president, win further achievements, and also wish the paper industry thrive and succeed in the future development.